Causes and effects of child labor

But unfortunately there are millions of children in our country who have been deprived of these basically necessary rights. Visit the resources page for more information. Children also lack the ability to shield themselves from most of the challenges that occur in the workplace. This has given rise to the practice of bonded child labor.

They are robbed of their childhood. Conclusion Child labour is not just an affront to the rights of a child but also a symbol of a society that has lost its way. Those who reported working in their own house comprised This form of exploitation denies children their basic right to education which is so crucial in their growing years.

Child labour, by virtue of being cheap, increases the margin of profits for such entrepreneurs whose only objective is profit maximization even if it comes at the expense of ethics and good business practices. The report mentions the supreme court order of which for the first time considered brick kiln workers as bonded labours.

Historically speaking, it has always been customary for children to work along side their parents and other family members and child labour thus has existed from time immemorial in one form or another. The First Industrial Revolution Cambridge: In fact the child labour has always been cheap labour, wherever it is, employment has not been regulated, employers has tended to use it excessively.

An individual who has gone to school may be aware of how to approach certain situations in life without resorting to brute force. In rural areas, children would have worked long hours with hard work for their families farms, but in the cities, the children worked longer hours with harder work for large companies.

Those in ages 5 to 9 comprised 6.

Causes and Effects of Child Labor Essay

In order to survive, many families, both in the country side and in urban centres, have no other choice but to depend on the support of their children. The international compaign to end child prostitution in Asian Tourism ECPAT has been instrumental in encouraging government to acknowledge the problem and take action to confront it.

This convention requires that countries adopt effective measures in order to abolish these work practices, to make them illegal and a punishable offence. It includes children in the age group of 4 to 14 years, working for long hours, in unhealthy and dangerous conditions, under physical, social and psychological strain, earning low wages and having no time for rest, play or education UNICEF, The respondents were distributed over four categories i.

Due to economically hard pressed, poor parents are compelled to send their children out as wage earners to supplement the family income. I also wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. National Laws on Child Labour: Empowerment of poor people: As mentioned above, this situation is, however not unique to Pakistan.

Children sometimes worked up to 19 hours a day, with a one-hour total break. A sizeable number are self-employed doing menial jobs like vending, scavenging, shoe shining, car cleaning etc. The issue of child labour needs to be examined in this context.

Its continued existence remain a source of concern for all segments of human society. Parents that do not have money for school fees can use this as an opportunity to provide their children with education. Most of the children have no education and their prospects for advancement and fulfillment of various skills which they are doing is very low.

So to make ends meet, children bear the brunt while the adults are left unemployed. Solutions How can child labour be reduced or completely eradicated. This is another indicator of the economic pressures on the family that free oblige children to work at an age when they would rather be in school.

It is highly unlikely that people who employ children also have the moral capacity to ensure that they have good working conditions. Khan concluded that ultimately death of the father and low family income force majority of the children to take care of the family because they are the only source of income or they help in running their family matters.

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Child Labor

Child Labor is an international method used internationally to create and force work to children under the ages of 18 years.

This work is harmful, abusive, and exploitive towards children. 's Child Labor in America for kids: Causes of Child Labor in the 's Many factors and causes contributed to the rise of Child Labor in America during the 's.

Enormous wealth was accumulated due to the Mines and the Mining Industry and the establishment of the Factories and the Factory System.

Nov 24,  · There are several effects of child labour, both on the child and the society. Child gets deprived from the basic education and the society also suffers.

This study was conducted to identify the social and economic causes of child labour in Mingora District Swat with the objectives to: (a) to find out the social and economic causes of child labour, (b) to assess working conditions and working schedule of child labour and (c) to suggest remedial measures to reduce child .

Causes and effects of child labor
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