Effects of rapid population growth

North America million According to projections, the world population will continue to grow until at leastwith the population reaching 9 billion in[70] [71] and some predictions putting the population as high as 11 billion in Although plants produce 54 billion metric tons of carbohydrates per year, when the population is expected to grow to 9 billion bythe plants may not be able to keep up Biello.

The latter factor stems from the fact that children perform a great deal of work in small-scale agricultural societies, and work less in industrial ones; it has been cited to explain the decline in birth rates in industrializing regions. Maybe a maximum of three or even more if the couple is financially able to take care of their children.

The most accurate index is the balance between population and sustainability. More Pressure on Land: What about grains, vegetables, nuts, and fruit. Carrying capacity This article appears to contradict the article Carrying capacity.

Moreover, as the labour force increases in relation to land, capital and other resources, complementary factors available per worker decline. Thus, the growth of population retards agricultural development and creates many other problems.

Resources[ edit ] Youth unemployment is also soaring, with the economy unable to absorb the spiraling numbers of those seeking to enter the work force. Third, emigration tends to increase wages of workers substantially at home.

Consequently, there is a decline in the exportable surplus. Population reduces the Rate of Capital Formation: Country B can make 15 cars in a year or two hundred computers. The best way to tackle this situation is make people understand the effects of population.

Unemployment, underemployment and disguised employment are common features in these countries. So a large part of foreign exchange is spent on it. Burden of Unproductive Consumers: Their income, as a consequence, is reduced and their capacity to save is diminished which, in turn, adversely affects capital formation.

At the root of overpopulation is the difference between the overall birth rate and death rate in populations.

14 Major Negative Effects of Population Explosion

During the demographic transitional phase, the birth rate is high and the death rate has declined and due to which the larger percentage of total population is in lower age group of years, which is small labour force implies that comparatively there are few persons to participate in productive employment.

It makes no sense to pump oil out of one hole in the ground just to dump it in another hole in the ground fertilizers on ag. Waste management of such populations is also difficult to handle effectively and can result in pollution and detriment to the environment.

Loss of oil when it happens, not if will cause a bottle neck event for humans. Growing Population lowers Standard of Living: Further, remittances by emigrants help finance the countries balance of payments deficit.

The result is that a larger percentage of the total population is in the lower age-group of years. Illnesses that had claimed thousands of lives till now were cured because of the invention of vaccines.

A fast growth in population means a large number of persons coming to the labour market for whom it may not be possible to provide employment. No improvement in agricultural and industrial technology, shortage of essential commodities, low standard of living, mass unemployment etc.

This is the reason, the under-developed countries with rapid growing population are generally faced with a problem of food shortage. But oil --we have passed peak oil while growing our populations exponentially based on readily available cheap oil.

How Population Growth Affects the Educational System The world population is on the rise. At the same time, America is working harder to maintain an educational system that ensures a proper education to every student, regardless of race or financial ability.

South America - Effects of rapid population increase: Rapid population expansion has had important demographic and social effects. Two examples are especially illuminating. At the peak of population growth during the second stage, the proportion of children tends.

Human overpopulation

Effects. Population growth, even rapid population growth, can be a positive thing. Examples include corrections when the rapid growth may actually supply a population that wouldn't have existed to contribute otherwise. With sustained growth and rapid growth though there is a risk of overpopulation.

Nov 07,  · The effects of population growth are varied and vast. While population growth, of any species, may be beneficial to a certain extent, there may come a time when the number in the population exceeds the natural resources available to sustain it.

Making People Aware of Family Planning: As population of this world is growing at a rapid pace, raising awareness among people regarding family planning and letting them know about serious after effects of overpopulation can help curb population growth.

One of the best way is to let them know about various safe sex techniques and contraceptives. Population growth, especially exponential population growth, results in rapid depletion of resources that leads to environmental problems like deforestation, climate change and decreasing biodiversity.

Effects of rapid population growth
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